The Bare Bones and Broke Railroad Co.

A Work in Progress
Summer 2000

The trench is being dug for a perforated drain
and sump for a rain gutter downspout. Three
had to be constructed to prevent summer
monsoons from flooding the layout.

The dirt in the background was removed to
lower the elevation of the front yard.

The gravel-lined ditch for one of
the perforated-pipe trenches

Perforated pipe ready to go in the trench.
The pipe is covered with a fabric shield to
prevent silt from clogging it.

Finally, the pipe is in the ground.
One down, two to go.

We brought the pond liner for Lake Nathan home
on top of our Saturn.

Summer 2000 Diggin the drainage trenches
November 25, 2000 Installing Lake Nathan
November 26, 2000 Rough track layout
June 2001 The fence is installed
July 7, 2000 The Ransom Yard arrives
July 7, 2000 The Ransom Yard is completed
July 14, 2000 Track grades are installed
More July 14, 2000 Track grades are installed
July 21, 2001 Tunnels are installed
July 24, 2001 Trains are moved to Ransom Yard
December 9, 2001 The beginning of building installation
December 24, 2001 The first trains run
March 3, 2002 The umbrella is up
More March 3, 2002 Some closeups of the maintenance crew at work
Even More March 3, 2002 The Heim Fountain, a gift from clients Walter and Bette Heim
December 16, 2002 The Pacific Electric "Red Car" line is installed

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